Working from Home: Guide for Employees and Employers

Working from home is not impossible! There are currently thousands of home-based job options available to us and many of them are capable of multiplying our income, to the point of making us more money than almost any manager in a multinational company would earn.

With the current situation of COVID-19, working from home is a very valid option for many sectors and professionals. In addition, opportunities arise to work from home, via the Internet.

In this article you will know, how to work from home, its advantages and professions to work from home on the Internet and earn money online.

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Working from home

working from home

Working from home is basically, it’s doing a job, but from home. What’s more, there are thousands of options for working from home these days, more than we think, and for making money from home.

And you can earn a lot of money from home on the Internet? …Well, enough to be able to use your time and manage it as you wish. There are many ways to generate income without having to leave home, so be careful to work!

In fact, if you are looking for “work from home” Google offers you the first thing, job offers closer to your location.

Advantages and disadvantages of working from home

Working from home – benefits.

Although each case is different, these are the most common benefits of working from home:

1- Advantage of combining your family and professional life: By being at home, you can reconcile your family life with your work, spend more time with your children, take them to school and make your schedules more flexible and adapt them to your needs and objectives.

2- Advantage of not wasting time on travel: By working from home, you don’t have to waste time on commuting and you save gas and transportation. Sometimes because of the distances between work and home, we have to get up early and get ready.

It seems as if we arrive tired to work, before we even start. We avoid traffic jams and gain in sleep.

3- Advantage of saving costs to the company or companies for which you are working: Neither light, nor rent of premises, nor telephone.

4- Advantage of better control of time, distractions are avoided and meetings can be done online perfectly, with the tools that exist for it, for example, Skype or Zoom.

Disadvantages of working from home

Working from home, like everything else in this life, also has some disadvantages, as it can be:

1- Disadvantage of less humane treatment and socializing fairly with colleagues. How do you deal with this disadvantage? Making frequent video calls with your colleagues.

2- Disadvantage that family sometimes entertains you more than it helps you. To improve this situation, you should set rules and schedules, so that when it comes to work there are as few distractions as possible and you can concentrate.

Jobs to do from home

vitual jobs list

There are many options to continue working from home, below I will mention some of the options that exist if you are self-employed or freelancer.

1 – Amazon virtual opportunities

Amazon is looking for people to work from home, in positions such as customer service, logistics, administration, Cloud Application Architect, AWS Solutions, Customer Practice Manager, etc.

In this link you can find more information: Amazon jobs or Amazon virtual locations.

2 – Upwork Vitural Jobs

Within the list we also include the Upwork platform, really one of the stable ones for virtual jobs, in web development opportunities, graphic design, virtual assistant, content writer, community manager, accountant, among others.

One of the easiest ways, and the ones we like the most, to make money from home. You can find the list of virtual jobs at the following link: Upword jobs

3- Platforms for content writers

There are forums and platforms on the Internet, which demand content writing jobs.

You register and they send you the applications to write the articles. Normally, you must first submit a sample of your blog articles or other articles you have written on other blogs.

The text should be original and not copied, it should be very well structured, it should not contain any spelling mistakes.

Some platforms are:

Socialpubli: Social marketing platform with influencers and micro-influencers. Advertisers can create campaigns and influencers and content writers can participate in these campaigns by publishing on their social networks or blog. Visit Socialpubli

Publisuites: Allows everyone with a blog or social network to earn money. This is through mentions or sponsored articles that are contracted on the platform itself. Visit Publisuites

Coobis: It is a Content Marketing platform that connects publishers with advertisers. Visit Coobis

TextBroker: You must register in the option “I write texts”, if you want to make money. You will find the conditions and all the information to write texts on the platform and start generating income. Visit TextBroker

4- Online trading

Working from home with the computer, we have already seen that there are several ways to do it. This way we are now referring to is working from home on the stock exchange, with trading.

You may ask yourself…

What is trading and how does it work? Why trade?

Where to trade? How much can you earn from trading?

Trading is buying and selling assets in the financial markets with the aim of making a profit. It is about buying cheap and selling expensive, in order to make a profit.

Beyond the fashion in the years of the crisis in which everyone was going to get rich working from home, just a few hours a day. Never farther from reality, trading according to those who are engaged in it, is one of the most stressful occupations there is.

You can earn from 200 euros per day, up to and including 3000 euros per day, depending on how much you invest and how the trade goes that day.

5- Virtual Assistant and Customer Service

Working from home in customer service, is a way of working in high demand. What has always been the job of a tele-operator

Traditionally this work has been done from a call center, now companies are looking for professionals with communication and computer skills to support customers or solve their doubts and incidents from home.

You only needed a telephone, now also a computer with Internet connection and the appropriate training for each company to work from home virtual assistant. It’s all about working from home answering calls.

It is a good way to work from home, without investing money. Visit virtualvocations

Other jobs from home that you can start today:

  • Complete online surveys
  • Invest in real estate
  • Offer your meal planning services
  • Invest in shares
  • Invest in crypt coins (but find out first)
  • Telemarketing
  • Publish and sell your own digital book
  • Develops web applications
  • Develops mobile applications
  • Resume writing
  • Online Teacher


To sum up, I have explained the advantages and disadvantages of working from home with Internet, the job offers you can apply for, the platforms that exist to work from home online, either with your mobile phone or from your computer.

Also if you want to read in Spanish, I invite you to visit this article: (trabajar desde casa) where also professionals of digital marketing, Seo, Facebook Ads and Trading tell us their story and what is for them working from home online.

Don’t forget, if you want to work from home, you must organize your time very well and avoid unnecessary distractions.

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