Yahoo Launches Yahoo Storytellers For Easier Distribution Of Content

Yahoo might be headed for a sale, but the company isn’t going out on a whimper. Today, Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO) announced the launch of their brand new service, Yahoo Storytellers. The content marketing service is designed for brands and agencies, which wish to benefit from Yahoo’s native advertising and editorial editing. With the use of Yahoo Storytellers, marketers will have the tools needed to develop and distribute branded content, which exceeds the consumer’s expectations and enhances engagement.

Brands, such as Farmers Insurance, JetBlue, and Dasani, have already signed on board. Aside from the aforementioned features, Yahoo Storytellers will also deliver addition benefits, such as content consulting and premium video development. Users will also gain immediate access to major influencers on social media networks and other metrics. The company confirmed that Yahoo would not be hiring any additional staff members to help with the implementation or management of the Storytellers platform. Instead, existing employees will oversee all activities related to the new platform.

Yahoo is estimated to be valued around $4 to $8 billion dollars. Thus far, a handful of major companies, such as Verizon and AT&T have thrown their hats into the bidding ring. During Monday’s trading window, Yahoo’s stock fluctuated between $37.24 and $37.68. The stock price closed at $37.29, which equated to an increase of .95%. For additional information, be sure to check out the company’s official press release.