YI Launches Smart Dome Camera With Cloud Storage

YI Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of cameras. The company has helped to revolutionize intelligent imaging technology over the past few years. On November the 21st, the company announced the launch of their new smart home security camera. The YI Dome Camera 1080p is a great addition to YI’s extensive smart home systems offerings. The high definition camera will retail substantially cheaper than many of its competitors, yet will possess many of the same features.

The camera will hit the market on November the 21st. The YI Dome Camera is also compatible with the YI Cloud. The combination allows consumers to store an unlimited number of videos for a maximum of five cameras. The camera’s innovative functionality will be a great addition for parents and pet owners, as well as anyone else who wishes to keep a closer eye on their belongings. The camera is capable of recording and capturing panoramic scenes with complete coverage and virtually no blind spots.

yi smart dome camera

The YI Dome Camera 1080p also feature object tracking. The camera will follow moving objects within its 360-degree coverage field. It offers tilt and zoom functionality. The camera’s audio functionalities are also impressive. The system implements audio identification technology, so it can distinguish between voices and crying babies. “Baby Crying” alert messages can be delivered to the parent’s smartphone to keep them aware at all times.

The YI Dome Camera’s content can be lived streamed from PC or through the YI Home app, which is now available for Android and iOS devices. Additional features will be listed below.

  • Feature two-way audio
  • Panoramic video – Capable of recording videos with a complete 360-degree viewing angle
  • Can be installed on the wall or ceiling
  • Auto-masking mode helps save energy by only recording when the device is in use
  • Auto-cruise mode can reset camera to preferred angles
  • Precise motion detection ensures the user is always aware of moments within their home
  • Camera can deliver 10-second motion tracking alerts and baby crying alerts

The YI Dome Camera 1080p is also compatible with the YI Cloud, which will be available beginning in December. The YI Cloud Standard Plan will allow the user to store an unlimited amount of video clips for up to five cameras. The cloud service will be available in four different plans, with the lowest starting at $9.99 a month.

Alternatively, the user may also opt to store content locally with the addition of a MicroSD card. The MicroSD card will need to be purchased separately. The camera will be available on Amazon, as well as through the company’s official website at www.yitechnology.com.